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IL-2: Cliffs of Dover
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DCS World 2022
Aerges Engineering SL Mirage F1CE - Rockets, Bombs and Guns Ground Attack Tutorial

Learn to employ rockets, dumb bombs and guns in air to ground. Using Manual aiming with weapons release tables as well as weapons programming and setup.

YouTube Video

Win Money playing DCS | Buddyspike Pro League event

* ED ve spolupráci s BuddySpike uvádí:

Eagle Dynamics and buddy spike have teamed up to bring you the Buddyspike Blue flag, DCS Pro League event. Cash prizes as detailed in the video, rules as shown below;

It goes live at 1800UTC on the 30th of May - 12th June 2100UTC

League table:
Rules / Info / mission details:


YouTube Video

TALD návnada nově i na hornetu, ještě toho psa za vocasem by to chtělo, aby ty návnady byly komplet Úsměv
YouTube Video

IndiaFoxtEcho Visual Simulations MB-339 - Official Trailer

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Eagle Dynamics Mi-24P Hind - R-60M Air to Air Missile

In this MI-24p Hind video we will be going over the R-60 Air to Air Missile and how to deploy them. The R-60M will be coming in the next open beta.

YouTube Video

Objevil jsem tento web. Asi ho znáte.


Jsou tam desítky videí jak létat s různými letadly v DCS!
základna Loc: 49°43'52.703"N, 16°26'5.3"E
Baltic Dragon Raven One: Dominant Fury Campaign

Raven One: Dominant Fury is the prequel of the highly - acclaimed Raven One campaign, developed jointly with Kevin Miller (author of the novel) and Vincent "Jell-O" Aiello of the Fighter Pilot Podcast.

SCUD hunt

Briefing conducted by Kevin Miller, author of the Raven One series and former US Navy pilot.

Music by Jaime Lopez.

YouTube Video

Campaign Preview Mission 01

Baltic Dragon's latest campaign based on Kevin Miller's Book series. Fly your F/A-18c Hornet through a series of complex missions in the most detailed DCS campaign to date! Join Flip and the Ravens in today's mission; practice intercepts with Cajun, Tanker plugs and Case 3 recovery.

00:00 Intro
00:37 take off and setup
04:12 Practice interceptions
10:59 Tanker practice plugs
16:45 The rest of the mission!

YouTube Video

RAZBAM Simulations South Atlantic Map - See the map at Low Level w/ RAZBAM devs

Humbled to be asked by RAZBAM to show off their new Falklands map at low level by the dev team. Hope you enjoy this preview of the map and what it brings to the DCS World.

YouTube Video

RAZBAM Simulations South Atlantic Map - Early Access

Introducing DCS: South Atlantic map by RAZBAM. A majestic combination of Argentina, Chile, and the Falkland Islands based on the present day. As a bonus we will be including a generous asset pack in the near future.

YouTube Video


South Atlantic Map early access release note

Hello fellow rotary and fixed wing aircraft enthusiasts. With the imminent early access release of the South Atlantic map, we, the team, wanted to give everyone a heads-up about what you can expect from the initial early access release so you can make an informed purchase.
We believe it’s important to be open and transparent regarding the current state of the project in early access and to share our goals moving towards full release and beyond.

Scope of the map

Since it would be our very first terrain module, the initial scope of the map was to represent the Falklands/Malvinas islands at the time of the Falklands conflict to have an interesting but small scale map for the team to work on. We soon realized it would be very restrictive for current aircraft in DCS to limit the map to what was available in 1982. For example the 80’s era runway at Mount Pleasant is too short to land an F16 on but we do hope to add era-specific options for the map in future for those who wish to create historically accurate scenarios.

After listening to the community, the team decided to also include part of the South American content, to greatly increase the possibilities offered by the map. This scale change increased our workload by a factor of 75, which resulted in the map releasing in 2022 instead of 2020. We hope that you will agree that this decision was for the best.

Including part of the South American continent really pushes the bounds of DCS maps in terms of size as this map will be the biggest yet with 3.1 Million km² total size.


In order to make this map as realistic as possible we decided at the early stages of the project to use satellite imagery as a base for the ground textures, providing the user with the most realistic depiction of that part of the world that we possibly could. This has provided the unique challenge of having to hand “clean” every part of the landmass to remove clouds, buildings, seasonal stitching and discoloration. This single task has taken thousands of man hours to accomplish and we’re still working on it through early access.

For all Airfields and cities we have used the highest custom texture technology available within DCS currently, which is known as splatmap technology and makes use of high quality custom designed textures.

In order for the map to look good at low altitude, the team needs to work on improving the mesh and textures by hand as well as adding objects like rocks, debris, additional trees and bushes. This work is very time consuming which, combined with the size of the map means we do ask for a little patience while we work on this throughout early access.

Current state of the map

Over the past few months we have concentrated mostly on the Falklands/Malvinas islands by, for example, refining the technology for cliff generation. We still have more work to do on the mainland, while the major cities are pretty much done with regards to placement like Rio Gallegos, Rio Grande, Ushuaia and a few others, there is still more work to be done. As you can imagine the map is absolutely massive.

At this stage of the project the team feel that the map is good enough to be enjoyed by the public under EA. However, due to the fact that the mainland low altitude level of detail is still not up to the high standard we aim, more work will be done to it in a steady and timely manner during EA.

The current size of the map is around 70 GB, if we had taken the decision to render all land masses using the highest quality textures, the map would have been around 250 GB. So there is a happy balance to be had with size compared to texture quality for the areas between the populated airfields, towns and cities.

The team will be moving their focus from the Falkland/Malvinas Islands over to the mainland to address the issues and enhance the areas mentioned above.

Assets pack

Due to the requirement for further testing, we are not able to ship the assets pack with the map at this current time. The full assets pack which includes the ships will be pushed by ED at the next update.

Our original thought was to delay the initial release of the map so that the assets could be included, however we feel that these are not the main focus of the map but are an enhancement. In addition to this we have decided to allow the first wave of the assets to be included into the core game, so this means everyone will get them for free whether they purchase the map or not.


We hope this early access release note has given everyone in the community enough information to make a well informed purchase and has explained the scope of our project.

We are really proud of the work that has been done so far, everyone on the team has worked incredibly hard on this and we are committed to go as far as possible with the current software and hardware limitations to bring you the best depiction we can of this beautiful part of the world to enjoy in DCS.

Zdroj (
Upravil/a Aces_Wild dne 08-06-2022 18:08
DCS Open Beta

Introducing brand new DCS South Atlantic map by RAZBAM.
IndiaFoxtEcho Visual Simulations MB-339 - Engine Start Up and Take Off

YouTube Video

plán rozšíření mapy SA v rámci mainland
Jsem přistával s dekou. Není to úplně dokonalé, ale napoprvé po x letech to není špatné. Mám záznam celého dvou a půl hodinového letu s dekou, ale youtube je pomalej a 20gb video zpracovává moc dlouho.
YouTube Video

AJaromir napsal:

Jsem přistával s dekou. Není to úplně dokonalé, ale napoprvé po x letech to není špatné. Mám záznam celého dvou a půl hodinového letu s dekou, ale youtube je pomalej a 20gb video zpracovává moc dlouho.
YouTube Video

Klobouk dolů!!
Díky. Tady je záznam celého letu YouTube Video

Aerges Engineering SL Mirage F1CE

Air-To-Air Radar

Brief showcase of the Mirage F1 radar in air-to-air scan and lock modes.

YouTube Video

Air-To-Ground Radar

Brief showcase of the Mirage F1CE radar in air-to-ground-mode.

YouTube Video

DCS Open Beta
Summer Sale 2022

Dear pilots, the Summer Sale has now started! This is your chance to grab a great deal on your next aircraft or map, or both! Until the 11th of July 15:00 GMT get up to 50% off our most popular modules, and 30% off DCS: F/A-18C Hornet, A-10C II Tank Killer and DCS: Supercarrier. Check out the eShop for more details.

YouTube Video

SA asset pack dostupný pro všechny
YouTube Video

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