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Hellfire Ripple Mode

Coming Soon

Purchase DCS: AH-64D from and save 20%:

Since the Early Access release of the -64, our focus has been on tuning the existing systems and fixing bugs. Today though, we’ll talk about a new feature coming to the -64, using Hellfire missiles in Ripple mode.

From the Weapons, Missile page, select RIPL from the mode button. When in this mode, the channel will automatically alternate between the Priority channel and the Alternate channel. When might you use this? The most common use would be when working with a flight member online in which he or she is designating on the Alternate channel, and you are designating on the Priority channel. In this way, you can alternate your shots as one for you and then one for them.

Naturally, if you used RIPL and just used self-designation, you would need to manually change the code each time to match the channel. As such, this would most often be used with a flight member.

It’s worth noting that if an Alternate channel hasn’t been set, in which case ALT at B2 says “NONE”, the RIPL mode option will remain “barriered”.

YouTube Video

Režim Hover and Alttitude Hold.

In this DCS: AH-64D video, we’ll explore both the Position (often referred to as Hover) and Velocity Attitude Hold Modes. For Position mode, you must first establish a stable hover between 0 and 5 knots; it is not a magic button that places you in hover. For Velocity mode, establish a stable airspeed between 6 and 40 knots. In both modes, first center the trim using the Force Trim Release (FTR) switch to center the control reference point. This allows the Flight Management Computer (FMC) the greatest flight control systems movement to maintain the hold mode. To release an Attitude Hold mode, press left again on the Trim switch on the Cyclic.

YouTube Video
Open Beta changelog pro AH-64D

• Add TSD Threat Rings. Threat rings are based on hostile air defence units placed in the Mission Editor that are not “Hidden on MFD”.
To display, select TSD SHOW at T3, COORD SHOW at T6, and then PLANNED TGTS/THREATS at L5.
Yellow rungs indicate estimated detection range and red rings indicate estimated engagement range. When enabled, threats will also be listed on the COORD page, COORD list. 
• Add KYBD Key-bind for Collective Tail Wheel Lock/Unlock.
• Improved Velocity Attitude ude Hold mode (between 6 and 40 kts).
• Initial work on Position (Hover) Attitude Hold mode (between 0 and 5 kts).
• Fixed crashes/freezes  in avionics.
• Fixed: Incorrect "Track Air Targets" translation in RU.
• Fixed: EUFD brightness set before battery is turned on does not dim the EUFD.
• Fixed: Desync after CPG left and join again to the slot.
• Fixed: HAD Range Field Messages desync.
• Fixed: HAD Weapon Inhibit Status Field Messages desync.
• Fixed: Synchronisation of CPG's TSD map type and viewing range.
• Fixed: Synchronisation of CPG's TSD map type.
• Fixed: Synchronisation of CPG's RKT inventory choice.
Apache MPD

Upravil/a jardazov dne 08-06-2022 09:02
Open Beta changelog pro AH-64D

• Added Hellfire RIPL Mode.
• Added key in battery switch.
• VKB input for pilot and operator.
• Added two separate missions: Lesson 8 is Rolling Landing; Lesson 9 is Hover Landing.
• Added B to the controls indicator for the parking brake.
• Improved threat updates on ASE and TSD pages.
• Fixed: TADS: Incorrect Target or Waypoint Stored Indication.
• Fixed: ASE Desync in multicrew.
• Fixed: Diamond symbology on IHADS in VR moves with head.
• Fixed: Incorrect network synchronisation of Weapon Action Switch.
• Fixed: Central Position Trimmer Mode implementation.
• Fixed: Return from ENG WVN Page Error.
• Fixed: Laser Range Finding Errors.
• Fixed: Inverted text is barely visible on screens.
• Fixed: ADF beacons page presets hardcoded to Caucasus.
• Fixed: Cockpit 3D Model PLT Station - ADF/CMDS Knobs.
• Fixed: External model TEDAC handles misaligned.
• Fixed: Wiper park should be spring loaded to off.
• Fixed: Squelch switches should spring load to centre.
• Fixed: Door handle latch animation wrong.
• Fixed: Instant action Tbilisi guard radio frequencies.
• Fixed: TSD should not automatically assign point type based on IDENT.
• Fixed: Dashed LOS cross starts too high.
• Fixed: Delay on missile warning sound.
• Fixed: Wind direction on TSD reporting wrong.
• Fixed: Fire test repeats each warning.
• Fixed: Missing Cyclic Arrows in both front and rear cockpits.
• Fixed: HDU / FLT page displaying ground-speed not true airspeed under 30kts.
• Fixed: AI Wingmen will not engage - Red Flag Day 3 mission Nevada.
• Fixed: LRFD first detent sets range 9999.
• Fixed: Check ability to rearm with weapon station missing.
• Fixed: Bezel Option Barrier Error.
• Fixed: FLT Page - Delay Error When Changing Units.

In this DCS: AH-64D video, we’ll look at using the AI JTAC with the AH-64D. In this case, the JTAC will provide a target coordinate and an IR Pointer. From this, we’ll explore how to enter the coordinate as a Point and using the Night Vision Goggles (NVG) to see the IR Pointer and confirm target location.

Please note that the IR Pointer range was increased in the build this video was created, and this change will be coming soon to an update. Also note that the JTAC coordinates are in a 3+3 format but the AH-64D requires a 4+4 format. Simply add a zero to the E/W and N/S. For example: 123456 to 12304560.

Later when Laser Spot Tracker (LST) is added, the AH-64D will also be able to locate a laser designation spot. However, even now, the JTAC can lase a target and you can launch on the target coordinate using LOAL mode and the seeker tuned to the JTAC’s laser PRF.

YouTube Video

Altitude Hold Mode


Purchase DCS: AH-64D from:

Force Trim/Hold Mode Switch (Cyclic Stick controls):
- Altitude AL/Right
- Attitude AT/Left
- Cancel D/Down
- Set Trim U/Up

In this DCS: AH-64D video, we’ll talk about the Altitude Hold mode of the AH-64D. Using either the radar altimeter or barometric altimeters, the Altitude Hold is a very useful function to automatically hold a hover altitude or keep the aircraft at a constant altitude in forward flight.

To engage radar altitude hold, the ground speed must be less than 40 knots, vertical velocity must be less than 100 feet per minute, and the altitude must be less than 1,428 feet AGL. It should be noted that the Radar Altitude Hold is NOT a terrain following mode since it provides a distance directly below the helicopter and not in front of it.

Barometric altitude hold will be active whenever the aircraft is outside the parameters for radar altitude hold, which is the case if the altitude is greater than 1,428 feet AGL or the ground speed is above 40 knots. To engage barometric altitude hold between 5 to 40 knots ground speed, the vertical velocity must be 200 feet per minute or less. The vertical velocity limit for engagement then scales linearly from +/- 200 feet per minute at 40 knots to +/- 400 feet per minute at 160 knots.

Regardless of which sub-mode it is in (radar or barometric), the Altitude Hold will automatically disengage if the rotor RPM (Nr) drops below 97% or exceeds 104%, either engine torque exceeds 100%, either engine’s temperature (TGT) exceeds 867 degrees C, or whenever the pilot displaces the collective more than half an inch from the original position at the time of the Altitude Hold was engaged.

Altitude Hold relies on the Flight Management Computer, or FMC, and is engaged by pressing right on the Force Trim/Hold switch. Once engaged, the FMC will automatically adjust collective pitch to maintain the altitude at the time the Altitude Hold was engaged. However, like other axis within the SCAS system, it only has a limited authority to do so. For this reason, before engaging altitude hold, ensure that you are first established in a trimmed state.

Combined with Attitude Position Hold, this can allow a 3D hold for a hands-free hover.

YouTube Video

Attacking Moving Targets with Target State Estimator (TSE)


Purchase DCS: AH-64D from:

Useful Commands AH-64D Controls:

Axis Commands
- RHG MAN TRK Controller – X axis
- RHG MAN TRK Controller – Y axis

Right Handgrip
- RHG LRFD Trigger – First Detent
- RHG LRFD Trigger – Second Detent
- RHG Sight Slave Button

Left Handgrip
- LHG Linear Motion Compensation (LMC) Button
- LHG Weapons Action (WAS) Switches
- LHG TADS FOV Switches
- LHG Weapon Trigger Switches

In this DCS: AH-64D video, we’ll examine the addition of the Target State Estimator, or TSE, to greatly assist with engaging moving targets with the gun and rockets.

When using the TADS as the sight, TSE allows to determine actual target velocity relative to the TADS line of sight. Using laser-ranging, embedded INS and GPS systems, TADS slew rate, and the air data system, the TSE compares aircraft movement rates from target rates. Once the actual target rate is known, the appropriate amount of lead can be calculated to account for weapon time of flight and required lead. Naturally, this will be essential for accurate fires when using Linear Motion Compensation, or LMC. The most important takeaway is that TSE will provide accurate lead against moving targets when engaged through the TADS.

When using the IHADSS, lead is not calculated.

A very important item to understand is to avoid range jumping. This can happen when you switch between range sources, and it will appear as the TADS line of sight jumping away. This can easily happen if you do not establish an accurate range to target before initiating TSE. Therefore, it is important to use automatic ranging and perform a first detent ranging pulse of the target before to committing to a TSE/LMC track.

To use TSE, you will first want to set the manual range from B6 to A, or automatic, on the keyboard unit. Although a default, manual, or “stale’ range can be used, it is more effective to use AUTO ranging.

Make sure the laser and weapon system are armed and we’ll select the gun for this first demonstration.

Setting the TADS as the Sight, either slew or slave the TADS line of sight to the target area and perform a first detent laser ranging that sends a three-pulse ranging distance to the target area.

With the TADS over the target, engage the second detent of the laser for continuous ranging, enable LMC, and use the thumb force controller to track the moving target. The key is not to rush it and allow TSE to gather enough data to calculate proper lead. I handy tip is to say “T-S-E, catch up to me” with a steady LMC track and only then fire.

With the target in range and a good LMC track with TSE, fire the weapon.

YouTube Video

Open Beta changelog pro AH-64D

• Added Target State Estimator (TSE).
• Added Altitude Hold mode.
• Added dashboard covers (sunvisors) animation
• Main rotor VRS state implementation (W.I.P)
• Improvements in definition of preplaned threats. Also HSI is now locked to the Ghostship when the MPD TSD page is in FRZ. Added intervisibility rings for Ghostship on MPD TSD pages
• Improved :
◦ SCAS behavior.
◦ LMC Control.
◦ When any of the ENG, FLT, FUEL, PERF, or UTIL pages is selected via the MENU page or by using the Favorites function, that page becomes the originator page for the remainder of the AIRCRAFT pages.
◦ The Torque readout in the HDU symbology should become boxed at 98%
◦ The NVS Sensor Select switch should only be functional in NORM or FIXED mode
◦ After blanking above 200 feet, the radar altimeter tape should come back on 180 feet
◦ Cued LOS Dot should always be displayed
◦ FPV, Head Tracker, Cued LOS, except Bob-Up Box should disappear outside of the safe zone
◦ The grayscale image currently displays an opaque white overlay
◦ MPD in MONO mode overrides color of the symbology or white video underlay
◦ Video underlay showing TADS should also show the TADS LOS crosshairs
◦ With PNV selected, TDU FLIR will always be the currently selected NVS FLIR sensor for the Pilot
◦ Flight symbology on an MPD VID page uses some colored elements similar to the FLT page
◦ When the TDU PNV button is selected "OWNER CUE" should not be displayed
• Fixed: Laser rangefinder desync
• Fixed: Radios allow invalid frequencies to be entered.
• Fixed: TADS range value is incorrect if exceeds maximum range
• Fixed: LASE # TRGT LOAL message error
• Fixed: Rapid LRFD operations produce issue
• Fixed: WPN -> ASE -> unASE = TSD, should be WPN
YouTube Video

Open Beta changelog pro AH-64D

Konečně zásadní patch, který přidává pro George identifikaci cílů. Úsměv
Manuál pro ovládání Jirky: https://forum.dcs...c79008fb8c

• George as CP/G Target Identification System.
• Rocket avionics adjustments.
• Fixed: Potential of APU not starting on cold start.
• Fixed: MP. Engines stop for CP/G.
• Fixed: MP. Laser rangefinder desync.
• Fixed: LMC incorrect behaviour when measuring range.
• Fixed: LMC could cause strange TADS behaviour.
• Fixed: Range source should be maintained to Point when PLT changes ACQ from a Point (B5) to TADS.
• Fixed: TADS image desync after C/PG using gun.
• Fixed: Previous radio frequency not stored.
• Fixed: Radio presets set in ME are ignored for all radios.
• Fixed: Unable to use the cursor to give coordinates when using EDIT.
• Fixed: A/C Fixed Action Button behaviour on MFD.
• Fixed: Incorrect TADS behaviour in multicrew.
• Fixed: COORD page shows incorrect distance to WP until set DIR TO.
• Fixed: CP/G head movement on client connect.
• Fixed: Point saving via HMD using MAN range can be incorrect.
• Fixed: George set safe after every Hellfire shot.
• Fixed: The NVS Sensor Select switch should only be functional in NORM or FIXED mode.
• Fixed: After switching MFD for cursor PAN mode move cursor to top right corner.
• Fixed: MPD behaviour when ENG Start is pressed.
• Fixed: No radar alt tape on FLT page.
• Fixed: VID page TADS double cross.
• Fixed: Multicrew parking brake not working.
• Fixed: ZSU-23-4 Shilka does not spike.
• Fixed: ASE page is lacking several items.
• Fixed: Gun jiggling.
• Fixed: FLIR Polarity not correctly working in multicrew.
• Fixed: External tank advisory.
• Fixed: Missing advisory message when internal auxiliary fuel tank is empty.
• Fixed: Tooltips of comms volume knobs incomplete/wrong.
• Fixed: MSL NOT RDY and dashed constraints box erroneous behaviours.
• Fixed: Fuel XFER issues with C AUX.
• Fixed: Flicker Pipes R AUX or L AUX when turned on if AUX GALLONS EXT.
• Fixed: Fuel can't be pumped from external tanks.
• Added: TSD route leg animation.
• Fixed: TSD Artillery Fire Points Error.
• Fixed: WPN-MSL-UTIL page incorrect FCR indications.
• Fixed: Missile indications errors.
• Fixed: When the TADS FLIR is turned off on the WPN UTIL page, with the TADS as the selected sight, "FLIR OFF" should display in the Sight Status field of the High Action Display.
• Fixed: Keyboard unit - “A” key behaves differently than other keys.
• Fixed: FLT Page behaviour if already active on right MPD.
• Fixed: Check ASE autopaging behaviour when ENG and FLT pages are displayed.
• Fixed: Check MPD video underlay and ASE autopaging behaviour with TSD.
• Fixed: Check MPD when EMER HYD switch on the EMERGENCY panel is pressed.
• Fixed: C AUX on A/C FUEL page is not cursor selectable.
• Fixed: INT Fuel QTY should turn yellow when low fuel state is reached.
• Fixed: ASE/ASE UTIL pages.
• Fixed: TADS stores waypoints in NAV phase.
• Fixed: Manual page 333 creates confusion about ROE state
• Fixed: Сanopy errors in the cockpit
Open Beta changelog pro AH-64D

• Fixed crash in avionics.
• Fixed: No radio gui presets. Added GUI HF-radio settings.
• Fixed: Stored point is slightly offset when slaving back to the point.
• Fixed: Multi Monitor configuration: displays doesn;t rendered on additional monitors after cold start.
• Fixed: Exported MFDs not synced on pilot seat (CPG works).
• Fixed: RAD and BAR ALTITUDE HOLD signals.
• Fixed: Incorrect logic of pylons articulation with activated SAL missiles.
• Fixed: Hellfire training lesson.
Ahoj lidi, potrebujem poradiť: od predposledného patchu mi nejde označiť radarová ani barometrická výška. Rýchlosť fixne bez problémov (attitude) ale radarovú a barometrickú výšku mi neoznačií ani bohovy. Myslím taký ten obdlžnik na hodnotách na HUD. Pred tým patchom to šlo bez problémov. Zmenilo sa tam niečo, prípadne ako to označiť ? Na doplnenie - aj keď sa symbol na displeji pre R a B výšku neobjaví, mám dojem, že to funguje a výšku drží (možno iba môj placebo dojem). Vie niekto čo s tým?
Upravil/a Baron dne 30-07-2022 16:26
Hals - und Beinbruch!
Baron napsal:

Ahoj lidi, potrebujem poradiť: od predposledného patchu mi nejde označiť radarová ani barometrická výška. Rýchlosť fixne bez problémov (attitude) ale radarovú a barometrickú výšku mi neoznačií ani bohovy. Myslím taký ten obdlžnik na hodnotách na HUD. Pred tým patchom to šlo bez problémov. Zmenilo sa tam niečo, prípadne ako to označiť ? Na doplnenie - aj keď sa symbol na displeji pre R a B výšku neobjaví, mám dojem, že to funguje a výšku drží (možno iba môj placebo dojem). Vie niekto čo s tým?

Jsou tam omezení pro aktivaci danné funkce.Viz video Paura YouTube Video

Identifikace cíle:
YouTube Video
Vďaka za odpovede.
Hals - und Beinbruch!
plus některé mapy mají problém s radarovou výškou, např. Sýrie
Chlapi, nedokážem dať pokyn Wingmanom na útok. Ani žiadny iný pokyn. Ide o prvú misiu (položka Missions odrazenie čínskeho útoku na Marianách). V pokyne je uvedené, že majú frekvenciu 251, ale aj keď ju do komunikácie zadám, nič sa nedeje. Viete poradiť?
Hals - und Beinbruch!
Otevři si misi v ME a ověř, zda tam nemají v té frekvenci chybu.
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