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Open Beta changelog pro AH-64D

• Fixed: glitches and double switches
• Refined Lod 0 and added Lod 1 and Lod 2.
• Fixed: RAD and BAR ALTITUDE HOLD signals
• Fixed: Damaged engine 2 will not work even after a repair
• Fixed: AIrcraft “ORIGINATOR” PAGE behaviour
• Fixed: TADS Shut Down Errors
• Fixed: Bezel Button Options and Sub-Pages
• Fixed: FREEZE TEDAC/TDU Function
• Fixed: Viewport error - pilot seat
• Fixed: Cued LOS dot in the Field-Of-Regard box should always be visible on the TADS
• Fixed: Stored point is slightly offset when slaving back to the point.
• Fixed: Multi monitor setup - AH-64D Displays remain active even after full shut down
• Fixed: Can slave to deleted target point
• Fixed: BRU’s should not function If the IHADSS is turned off
• Fixed: Underlay selection should remain when returning to the VID page
• Fixed: No radio presets
• Fixed: Friendly Patriot site showing as threat on TSD even when hidden on MFD selected
• Fixed: Desync Between Pilot and Gunner in the Ah-64 on the Engine Page
• Fixed: Some training missions load in gamemode when launched from training menu
• Fixed: M Button functionality for XPDR, COM and COM PRESET
• Fixed: Wrong vertical speed reading (all displays)
• Fixed: COORD page behaviour when expanded ACQ source is selected
• Fixed: TGT/THRT points added during mission are missing threat rings
• Fixed: ENG page issues
• Fixed: DTV WFOV Slew rate too high
• Fixed: Crosshairs on TADS don't align with units when George points
• Fixed: Tbilisi Guard mission wingman will not engage
• Fixed: REMOTE logic/messages in High Action Display
• Fixed: Desync issue between server missile and client (Hellfire)
• Fixed: SA-19 Grison/Tunguska is shown as "GU" in TSD
• Fixed: When using PAN on TSD, ASE deltas hover almost above targets
• Fixed: Altitude fluctuations when turning on Alt Hold at speeds above 100 knots
• Fixed: Flashing icons and black square of ASE threats in TSD
• Fixed: WPN-MSL-UTIL Page TADS STOW Barrier Error
• Fixed: TEDAC Grayscale (G/S) Button Errors
• Fixed: TADS: Limit Indication Error
• Fixed: Screen Save Mode
• Fixed: Discrepancy in cockpit temperature status
• Fixed: Maximum digital readout of Engine Torques should be 255%.
• Fixed: The windshield wiper knob behaves incorrectly with no generator power
No konečne 🙂
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FLIR Development Progress

Since the introduction of the new FLIR system, we continue to texture ground units and ships to match real life FLIR signatures. We also aim to adjust aircraft FLIR signatures at different times of day and in varying thermal conditions. FLIR rendering of terrain elements such as building windows and civilian traffic are also being improved. There are many more improvements taking place, and we will keep you updated. Meanwhile, we really look forward to your feedback.
Open Beta changelog pro AH-64D

Added change of seats in the cockpit by a player in multiplayer.
• Added: Disable Multicrew feature for “client” helicopter mission editor slots. When ON in a particular slot it disables any multicrew capability for that helicopter. In multiplayer role selection screen this helicopter will show only one available slot for a client (player still able to change seats)
• Added option to Disable George AI subtitles
• Adjust the health of the AH-64 elements
• THRT SHOW page corrections
• George AI. Added cyclic scrolling of the target list menu
• Fixed: NVS Norm queued commands issue
• Fixed:George doesn't fire cannon on some occasions
• Fixed: Missing LIMITS Indication on Sight Status Field
• Fixed: Ground speed should be displayed in HMD and TEDAC if WP is not present
• Fixed: Multi Crew - CPG NVG Gain resets when pilot toggles goggles
• Fixed: LHG Cursor Display Select (L/R) not correctly working for CPG in multicrew
• Fixed: CPG laser range is mirrored in Pilot's symbology when laser is firing
• Fixed: Co-pilot gunners head can be seen glitching into the seat
• Fixed: ACQ TRN may be set as ACQ TXX
• Fixed: Spawns in with left rudder input (high torque)
• Fixed: TSD Points not displaying correctly
• Fixed: George cannot track targets on side of helicopter
• Fixed: George should not lose target if you fly by upon the target
• Fixed: WPN-MSL-UTIL Page TADS STOW Error
• Fixed: WPN-MSL-UTIL Page TADS UNSTOW - Laser Power Off Error
• Fixed: TADS: Slew Limit Error
• Fixed: WP and TG numbers are not displayed when stored
• Fixed: WP/TG stored using the NOW button becomes the destination
Open Beta changelog pro AH-64D

• FM. Fixed modelling of tail rotor partial vortex ring effect. It was appearing in the hovering lateral bank movement to the left,
when a certain speed reached there was a sudden yaw push to the right. Now SAS heading hold mode is able to compensate for this.
23.prosince 2022 by měl vyjít manual od Chucka.

Image Auto-Tracker
In this DCS: AH-64D video, we’ll look at the next, big new feature coming to the AH-64D: the Image Auto-Track, IAT; and its Multi-Target Tracker sub-mode, or MTT. Earlier, tracking a moving target through the TADS would be done with the Linear Motion Compensator, or LMC. However, using LMC effectively can take a lot of practice, and it can be quite difficult to use if you do not have a controller with a good mini stick. IAT will make target tracking super-easy and can be used with either the FLIR or Day TV cameras.

YouTube Video
In this DCS: AH-64D video, we’ll discuss the Performance (PERF) page and how to read the data and plan your flight.

YouTube Video
Nyní je Indián na vyzkoušení ve Free Trials!

Open Beta changelog pro AH-64D

• Added Performance Page (W.I.P). Instruction video.
• Fixed: Incorrect SAS Tones and Hold behavior.
• Added Pilot and CP/G first person view models with animations.
• Added new voice messages for George as Pilot and CP/G.
• Added main gears collapse into the fuselage after hard landing.
• Added new livery Korea Air Force, Egypt Air Force and Israeli AH-64D livery created by ZedTank.
• livery update: Grim Reapers 4-2 ARB Devils 1-1 ARB.
• Fixed: Desync ACQ TRN after CP/G`s detach and attach again.
• Fixed; ALT-H activation conditions are not met.
• Fixed: FMC channels not synced on CP/G join - MP.
• Fixed: Can not create waypoints after CP/G exits.
• Fixed: Unable to store targets in multiplayer.
• Fixed: Range source switching back to laser range when Sight changed from HMD to TADS.
• Fixed: Exported TEDAC creates a double image on the TEDAC in the cockpit.
• Fixed: Jettison not synced between cockpits.
• Fixed: Point deletion desync.
• Fixed: Switching to the CP/G seat after setting attitude hold in pilot seat issue.
• Fixed: Some ground units did not heat up in FLIR mode.
Manuál na Apache je tady:
Kdo to ještě nemá?
YouTube Video
AH-64D Roadmapa (aktualizace)

Radarové prskavky na květen 2023: https://forum.dcs...d-roadmap/

• Auxiliary Fuel Tank / Gun Ammunition Option (planned for April or May 2023)
AGM-114L Radar-Guided Hellfire (planned for May 2023)
• Laser Spot Tracker (LST) (planned for May 2023)
Kluci, potřebuji teď hned znát defaultní klávesové kombo k WAS UP na LHG. Díky předem.
Edit: Už vím. Standardně není.
Upravil/a AJaromir dne 12-04-2023 18:46
Nejočekávanější zbraň pro Indiána AGM-114L Longbow Hellfire.
YouTube Video
tvl, tak to jsem netušil, že to může odpalovat bez radaru co je na vrtuli. Ona ta mrška lima má každá jeden malej radar v sobě.
Ale přijde mě to zbytečně drahá hračka, když to může letět ala FOX1 systém a ušetřit za ty malé radary, ovšem bez schopnosti fire and forget Úsměv
Jo a stejně to tak úplně není celé po radaru, na začátku má detekci přes FLIR (či CCD) - čili zde není detekce radarem, pak to letí v případě LOAL po laseru do vzdálenosti 2,5km (zde taky není radar) a až pak teprvé se chytí ten malý radar uvntř hellfire.
Ale jednu výhodu to asi má, stepní mužik v nějakém tom pantsiru či toru nestihne včas zareagovat, během 13 sekund ozařování toho mini-radaru v raketě. A shtorou to neodkloní ..
Jsem zvědav na ten velký mapovací radar.
Upravil/a magot dne 14-05-2023 00:08
I bez funkčního radaru, střela po označení laserem a odpálení, už je zcela autonomní a můžeš ihned označit další cíl.
Chystaná užitečná funkce - Laserové sledování bodů.
YouTube Video
Open Beta changelog pro AH-64D

Tak Indián krom přidání AGM-114L, ještě dostává velkou úpravu letové dynamiky, kterou Apache opravdu hodně potřeboval. Mrknutí

Added AGM-114L. See video created earlier: DCS: AH-64D | Radar-Guided Hellfire Missiles (COMING SOON)
• Added Laser Spot Tracker. See DCS: AH-64D | Laser Spot Tracking (COMING SOON)
• Added Internal Aux Fuel Tank option
• FM. Considerable change of flight dynamics model (WIP):
The range of roll and pitch control has been increased, and at the same time, the stability of the helicopter has been increased in all flight modes, including:
Helicopter controllability at low-speed maneuvering has been improved;
Increased helicopter roll stability at submaximal speeds;
Improved behavior in transitional modes (roll-in/out and pitch-in/out)
The trim position of the helicopter and controls in hover and level flight modes has slightly changed.
SCAS tuned for modified flight dynamics model;
SCAS altitude channel damping and auto-shutdown behaviour was remodelled to react at specific limit parameters of the engine and vertical speed
• Fixed: Weight issue after heavy loadout creates control problems
• Fixed: Crash on PLT client when CPG leaves from crew.
• Fixed: Multi monitor - Exported displays not respecting brightness
• Fixed: George menu does not take into account the scaling of the interface. (reticle offset left)
• Fixed: PERF page WIND direction displays value 180 deg opposite of correct value
• Fixed: CHAFF (T1) should be "barriered" when forced to SAFE
• Fixed: Enemy AI does not attack AH64 if pilot is killed (heli by CPG control)
• Fixed: Rotor lighting effect artifacts at night
• Fixed: Export viewport - static viewport images when choosing external views
• Fixed: TEDAC Export Viewport spills into adjacent view ports
• Fixed: VHF AM radio can transmit in 108 - 115.975 MHz range
• Fixed: MPD TSD Pages - Routeline doesn't include Hazards points
• Fixed: CPG TDU blinking in Multicrew/MP
• Fixed: Blurred rotor effect not working for CPG in multicrew
• Fixed: CPG Nav range automatically updating to new Nav range without SLAVE being re-enabled
• Fixed: AGM-114 quantity issue when taking control with CA
• Fixed: Missile Constraints Box and Rocket Steering Cursor not displaying when SAFE
• Fixed: George AI uses weapons incorrectly in some case (George AI launches one missile without lazing the target. Missile flies past. Laser does not turn on. Indications on IHADSS does not correspond to the selected mode in George AI menu.)
• Fixed: "Back Scatter" Message with no missiles
• Fixed: M282 rocket warhead falls outside the timeframe
• Fixed: Wrong control layer opens in the settings, after selecting AH-64 in the simulation
Chlapi po poslednom patchi nie som schopny nic zamerat z miesta pilota. A tym myslim uplne nic, akoukolvek zbranou. Strelec pohybuje "kurzorom" na vsetky strany, a aj ked mu oznacim ciel, sice zabrble ze je locknuty, ale prdlajs, dalej kvrdla kurzorom hore dole a o odpaleni (nielen) Hellfirov si mozem iba nechat zdat. Mimochodom, nove Hellfiry L sa mi nedaju podvesit. Je treba nieco niekde zapnut/aktivovat aby strelec zacal normalne zameriavat zbrane?
Hals - und Beinbruch!
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