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DCS World 2020
Jako by se po Veg... Vegě? Slehla zem. A vážně pochybuji že ju nechaj trefovat skoro 300 km vzdálený cíle. Úsměv
Rien n'est parfait; c'est la vie!
Veze, ty Vegěo :)
Porazit nepřítele a dát mu život může vypadat jako projev laskavosti,
ale ve skutečnosti to je to nejkrutější, co poraženého může potkat.
Eagle Dynamics F/A-18C Hornet - November 17, 2020 Update

In an upcoming update for the Hornet, we’ll be including two important features: Air-to-Ground (A-G) mode for the Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) and the ability to designate target points through the HUD in CCIP mode.

This short video provides the basics of taking advantage of these new features once available.

YouTube Video

DCS Open Beta

DCS World

• Added the bomb speed indication into the object panel of the F10 map.
• Triggered action 'Load Mission' only functions will work not only for missions from Saved Games/DCS/Missions folder.
• Syria Map. Rearming and refueling on Syria map doesn't work in MP - fixed.
• R-27T/ET missile. Decreased the delay of control after launch from 1.0 to 0.4 second.
• R-27R/ER missile. Decreased the delay of control after launch from 1.5 to 1.0 second.
• MP. Dedicated server crash in lua.dll when some client connected - probably fixed.
• Upgrade cockpit kneeboard. Mouse drag and resize. Added clickable buttons for navigation and making bookmarks. Each new bookmark - new color. Route UI buttons callbacks to track.
• Mig-29 AI will not use air break when the centre fuel tank is fitted.
• AI aircraft. Persian Gulf Al Dhafra AI stuck on 31L - fixed.
• AI aircraft. Large aircraft (E-3, KC-135) unable to taxi to the runway in Sukhumi - fixed.
• ME. Added Logbook option into Customize menu.
• Infantry ground collision with aircraft can do massive aircraft damage - fixed.
• AI B-17. Wingmen do not open bay doors, only lead aircraft - fixed.
• AI AV-8B. Fixed crash in the game if AV-8B landing point was assigned to Ticonderoga, Oliver Perry, Arleigh Burke.
• AI AV-8B. When assigned a landing on ships such as Ticonderoga, Oliver Perry, Arleigh Burke, the plane first flies to the airfield, and then returns to the ship - fixed.
• Sound. Support mono sound devices.
• Fixed crash on terrain preload.
• Reduced memory consumption during clipmap textures loading.
• Tuned terrain lights visibility.

The new Damage Model

• The new Damage Model is turned on by default for all WWII aircraft.
• Calculations based on internal structure added to WWII bombers.
• Not registered damage to landing gear is fixed.

DCS C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev

• Updated handling of fuel system and masses of C-101EB as described below:
° Updated maximum fuel mass in lua to be exactly the same as the one in the Flight Model. This mass is also used by AI.
° Updated Empty aircraft mass. Subtracted unusable fuel, and added the mass of two pilots (160 kg). This mass is also used by AI.
° Updated maximum aircraft mass according to the mentioned fixes in empty aircraft and fuel masses. This mass is also used by AI.
° Fixed center of gravity change when one of the pilots ejects.
° Refueling and defueling update now fuel masses correctly.
° Unlimited fuel flag is correctly accounted now in the fuel system.
° Fixed center of gravity computation at aircraft rebirth in the same mission.
° Smoke system weight is correctly accounted now in the center of gravity computation.
• Improved smoke system. White color is properly disabled now when colorant is turned on. This means no more low FPS when using colored smoke in multiplayer.
• Improvements in fuel system. Now fuel transfer switches are off at mission start, if the corresponding fuel tank has no fuel. They should be set manually after in-game refueling.
• Synchronized parking brake handle in multicrew.
• Fixed animation of clock needles.


• Removed all GBU-16 x 2 loads.
• GAU-12 gunpod engine based firing restrictions enabled.
• Fixed: cage/uncage behavior for rockets and AG gun. Now it toggles gunsight mode between CCIP (default) and DSL (manual).
• Fixed: DSL (1) release mode.
• Fixed: Missing switches sounds in the cockpit.
• Fixed: EHSD DESG behavior when using AUTO release mode.
• Fixed: AA Gunsight’s BFP. Now it accurately shows the bullet stream from the selected gunsight distance, 1200ft (365m) or 2400ft (731m), to 4800ft (1463m).
• Improvement: HUD updated to SVG. Note: FLIR video output is disabled for the MPCD HUD repeater.
• Added: Ottoman Courier Campaign by Baltic Dragon.

DCS JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

• Fixed: support unlimited ammo.
• Fixed: hand tremble during defog.
• Fixed: removed deadzone for HOTAS T6 slide axis.
• Fixed: too long defog time.
• Fixed: BRM1 “INRNG” notification.
• Adjusted: all MFCD/HUD TDC share same axis deadzone (set in special option).
• Added more key bindings.
• Added one training: anti-ship missile.
• Updated CN locales.

ChinaAssetPack by Deka Ironwork Simulations

• Adjusted: ship collision parts life.
• Adjusted: brm1 max range value for DLZ calc.

DCS A-10C II Tank Killer by ED

• HMCS TDC makes jumps after movement - fixed.
• A-10C II. HMCD overlaps HUD. Fixed dynamic symbols positions near edges of the display.
• TGP starts to drift after slaving to HMCS - fixed.
• Updated voice messages index - made A-10C II VMU messages audible.
• Corrected the Free flight mission on Caucasus to avoid message DTSAS OFF MAP.
• Added flashlight commands to joysticks profiles. Basic options like on/off and colors are working, but no control for brightness.
• Central payload drag position fixed.
• Default Laser Latch to ON.
• 3D model. Added name change and texture remapping for the pilot.
• 3D model. Removed unnecessary arguments on the second LOD.
• 3D model. Helmet system hangs after pilot ejection - fixed.
• 3D model. Corrected pilot textures.

DCS F-18C Hornet by ED

• Added AG Mode for JHMCS.
• Completed HUD TD designation logic.
• Added GBU-32 and GBU-31V2 /V4.
• HUD TD Diamond not ground stabilized - Fixed.
• ASL blank in AUTO Mode - Fixed.
• REL indication missing in HUD designate - Fixed.
• Adjusted AIM-9 family missiles drag.
• Laser guided bombs crossed out in HUD but not DDI if laser code not set - Fixed.
• DL-13 Remains after rearm - Fixed.
• AGM-65F Sometimes wanders off target when MAV is made SOI - Fixed.
• Gear lights seem to have to much bloom on last LOD - Fixed.
• There is no reticle on HUD for Walleye.
• Updated Flight Manual in Chinese.

DCS F-16C Viper by ED

• Added pylons mass accounting to FM.
• Adjust payloads drag AIM-9.
• 3 Syria mission have snap views included creating problems for users - Fixed.
• Added CN localization for QS and Single missions.
• UFC Training mission static aircraft placement issue - Fixed

DCS F-5E Tiger II by ED

• Fixed Z fighting in main landing gears.
• Adjusted drag of AIM-9 payloads.

DCS L-39 Albatros by ED

• Fixed the animation of the pilot's hand in the rear cockpit.

DCS UH-1H Huey by ED

• Fix altimeter.

DCS P-47D Thunderbolt by ED

• Dive recovery flaps added to FM.
• Damage of structural elements from G-overload is tuned.

DCS F-14A/B by Heatblur Simulations

NEW Added F-14A Model Tomcat (F-14A-135GR, Late USN, ALR-67 Equipped Variant). New Systems and Changes include:
° TF30 engine model, including:
. Mid Compression Bypass Circuit
. Mach Lever
. Expanded compressor stall model
. Hydromechanical fuel control
. New thrust model
. New engine spool dynamics
. New afterburner model
. Updated nozzle logic
. New audio
° Reshaped engine nacelles and added new nozzles
° New - A specific liveries:
. VF-21 Freelancers 200
. VF-111 Sundowners (200)
. VF-154 Black Knights 101
. VF-211 Fighting Checkmates 105
NEW: Complete external sound overhaul (TF30 & F110). We’ve entirely overhauled the F-14’s exterior soundset, including the following changes:
° New rear aspect exhaust sounds
° New intake sounds
° New afterburner sounds
° New fly-by sounds
° New engine fan blade rattle sound (slow windmilling speeds)
° AB Zone lighting thump (internal)
° Fixed stall warning tone + new audio sample (internal)
° New compressor stall sounds
° Tuned engine start and idle sounds
° Adjusted all sdef files to improve directional sound and audible distance
° Complete overhaul of audio driver logic on code side
° Various other common sound fixes:
. Sounds now load quicker
. Tomcat is no longer unbearably loud at idle and at distance
. Reduced total number of sound samples being played in external view
NEW Added simulated yaw string (A and B models) with corresponding wind simulation.
NEW Fire Suppression System + keybinds.
NEW Mid Compression Bypass Circuit Breaker keybind (F-14A only).
NEW Afterburner Gate option + keybind.
NEW Jester Features:
° JOKER callout
° BINGO fuel callout
• Fixed fuel shutoff handles not shutting down engines.
• Fixed engine stall/over temperature warning light logic.
• Added F-14A versions of Caucasus, PG and Syria Quickstart missions.
• Adjusted F-14B fuselage nacelle area for more roundness and visual fidelity.
• Adjusted afterburners to not show black streaks.
• Engine windmill speed now affected by relative wind direction.
• Adjusted F110 AB thrust below mach 0.7.
• Fixed crashes caused by visual effects during compressor stalls.
• Adjusted engine fire and compressor stall visual effects.
• Engine fire and compressor stall effects now synced over the network.
• Adjusted pitch damping and pitch with power effects per SME comments.
• Adjusted inlet aerodynamic performance per SME comments.
• Adjusted subsonic airframe drag per SME comments.
• Fixed TF-30 oil overheating.
• Misc potential crash fixes in engine code.
• Updated F-14B Syria Take-Off Instant Action mission.
• Painted air brake pistons white.
• Allow AIM-7MH to loft, except when fired in ACM or boresight modes.
• Added CVN-75 to the data link capable carriers.
• Flood antenna identifies as missile lock instead of STT to targets now, for consistency with other DCS modules.
• Enable sparrow flood antenna if STT is lost while sparrow is in flight.
• Update RWR threat library version.
• Fix RWR symbols for HQ-7.
• Fix ARC-159 (pilot radio) keybinds for OFF/MAIN/BOTH/ADF.
• Fixed VF-11 Red Rippers (1997)/description.lua to remove problematic Spec Map.
• Adjust AIM-54 chaff resistance after latest ED/DCS changes
• Add bindable input for pilot hydraulic hand pump.
• Use the DCS global gameplay option for hiding control stick.
• Fix typo in options dialog (butons-> buttons).
• Converted Bone Strike, Colorado River Time Trial, Debridging the River Ingur, Heatblurring the Lines, Kish Kat Attack, Protect the Viksburg, Rioni River Run, Seine River Endurance Run to F-14A compatible versions.
• Adjusted AIM-54 countermeasure resistance to revert to old ED System.
• Fixed TID STT strobe angle error when not flying level.
• Potentially fixed a case where TWS AIM-54 could erroneously track a target not receiving recent radar returns.
• Prevent RIO from using Pilot Controls from backseat.
• Fixed steering tee not displayed in weapon off mode.
• Fixed detached wing not disappearing in LoD1+.
• Fixed Pilots not disappearing in static aircraft in LoD1+.
• Fixed Pilots not disappearing after ejection in LoD1+.
• Shifted pilot stick neutral position slightly aft.
• Adjusted flap jamming logic - flap jamming is now more likely to occur.
• Added anhedral tilt to horizontal tailplanes.
• Fixed left horizontal tailplane being displaced along Z Axis.
• Fixed Fire Extinguisher Handles & made accessible to pilot only.
• Fixed TWS velocity vector sometimes getting stuck.
• Ensure missile loses tracking when switching between PD-STT and TWS post launch.
• Fixed AIM-54 RWR indications.
• Updated manual to include F-14A late specific sections.


DCS: F/A-18C Raven One Сampaign by Baltic Dragon

• Mission 03 & 03A. Fixed Smoke not engaging ground targets.
• Mission 05. Fixed instances where Prince would not end the exercise despite calling Joker.
• Improved Prince's behaviour - he should not fall into the sea anymore :)
• Mission 06. Updated taxi instructions. Updated mission man (#3 will now leave the formation rather than #4).
• Mission 10. Updated location of player's waypoint over target. Updated position of the guard helo.

The Enemy Within 3.0 Campaign by Baltic Dragon

• General. Fixed wrong wingman spawn locations in missions: 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 16, 21. Minor spelling mistakes fixes.
• Mission 19. Updated Player's loadout.
Dnes byla na fóru DCS chyba, kdy se všem ukázalo, že jsou permanentně zabanovaní. Takže: "don't panic"
Pokud daný objekt vrhnete rychlostí vyšší, než 8km/s, tak poletí i hrábě.

* od 20.11. do 7.12. až 50% slevy

Dear DCS Pilots!

We are pleased to announce that our 2020 Autumn DCS World Sale will begin on 20 November 2020 and last to 7 December 2020! Get up to 50% off on most DCS World modules!
We will also be participating in the Steam Autumn Sale at the same discount rates.

YouTube Video

A na vánoce nás čekají 75% slevy
F/A-18C Hornet - HMD MIDS Settings

In addition to setting display symbol options for the Helmet Mounted Display (HMD), you also have the option to determine the display priority for datalink symbols provided via the Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS) datalink. This short video provides an explanation of this option.

YouTube Video

Byl ohlášen Mirage F-1 od Aerges respektive 4 verze F1. F1-CE/EE(tanker)/BE(spárka)/M (modernizovaná)

Dear DCS users,
We are happy to announce you the development of Mirage F1 by Aerges Engineering SL.
We can imagine your surprise for such news, but you shouldn’t be concerned, we have decided to work on Mirage F1 with Aerges instead of AvioDev for business reasons. Aerges Engineering is formed, mainly, by the same highly experienced Team components that have been developing the advanced version of the C-101. We are, basically, the same people. Some of the members have left and some are new, though they have already been working on C-101 for some time, but we keep the same core, the same or even more experience, know-how, enthusiasm and general technical knowledge. Furthermore, all the Team members are engineers and/or pilots.
All this means that you can expect to get a Mirage F1 module with same or even higher level of precision, quality, attention to detail and professionalism than our previous module, the C-101.
In this preview, we show you some screenshots of the Mirage F1-CE cockpit, with accurate and detailed 3D model and PBR textures, including some external AI models. And, in the coming weeks or months, we will continue presenting you screenshots and/or videos, as well as development news.
We have been working on advanced flight model, engine and main aircraft systems coding for a year and a half. We can say it is, basically, completed, and we now have to work on systems interaction with cockpit, clickable cockpit, and specific aircraft systems.
Our module is absolutely based on real data, that means that what you will get is the most accurate simulation that can be done of the real Mirage F1, with professional quality. What you will see is the real airplane with real data. Obviously, since what we use is real data, any real performance charts, like time to climb, energy-maneuverability, etc. will be fulfilled.
The versions we are working on are all the Spanish Air Force versions, since those are the ones we have real info for, that is, Mirage F1-CE, Mirage F1-EE, Mirage F1-BE and Mirage F1-M, though the latter will take longer to be finished as it includes new avionics, which require a huge amount of additional work. We estimate to have first version, Mirage F1-CE, ready in Early Access in about half a year. We would think about doing other countries versions if we get real data for them, but it’s not part of our main target right now.
For those of you who are not totally familiarized with this aircraft: The Mirage F1-CE is the basic single cockpit version, the Mirage F1-EE is the refuelling (multi-role) version, the Mirage F1-BE is the two seater and the Mirage F1-M is the modernized version with new avionics.
We hope you enjoy the pictures.
Best regards,
The Aerges Team

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DCS Open Beta

DCS World

• Crash F-14 in case some custom mods are installed - fixed.
• Crash fread_nolock viObjectShape::LocalBox - fixed.
• Crash when taking second place in a multi-seats aircraft - fixed.
• Updated CN and DE localization.
• Kneeboard fix for multimonitor configs.


FA-18C Aggressors BFM Campaign by Maple Flag:

• Changed Bandit ROE to Return Fire
• Added Random AI and Rookie AI versions of the campaign

A-10C AAT Campaign by Maple Flag:

• AFT04 Practice mission - fixed logic bug (wrong flag used) that prevents the mission from completing as expected.
Zifi napsal:

A na vánoce nás čekají 75% slevy

Je nyní vhodná doba pro nákup F-18 a F-16 v 55% slevě nebo ty moduly budou skutečně o vánocích v 75% slevě?
Jaká mapa se nejčastěji létá, kde se může vyskytovat F14 prosím?
Předpokládám že online se létá především mapa Gulfu. Prý je největší a zatím nejlepší, přesněji řečeno nejrozsáhlejší pro operace moderních letadel.
Rapier napsal:
Je nyní vhodná doba pro nákup F-18 a F-16 v 55% slevě nebo ...

Kde vidis 55% zlavu?
Ja vidim F-16 aj F-18 za $ 56 z $ 80, teda zlava 30%.
Kypr! Úsměv
Bench 2080ti/ 3080
R3900X, RAM 64GB/2666MHz, SSD M2 1TB, 2560x1440p
YouTube Video


Takze Cyprus... konflikt medzi Grekmi a Turkami. To moze byt este zaujimave.
Hals - und Beinbruch!
Jj a je tam i základna RAF aby si ten turek moc nevyskakoval Úsměv
Přejít na fórum:


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