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DCS F-16C Viper
Maverick Boresight Procedure

In the Open Beta released this week, we added the ability to Boresight optically guided Mavericks to the targeting pod. This is important because any mission start from the ground will require boresighting to ensure the Maverick line of sight correctly slaves to the targeting pod line of sight. Air starts have the Mavericks already boresighted.

The boresighting procedures is as follows:

Select Maverick and set PRE or VIS Maverick mode.
Set SOI to HUD for VIS mode or SOI to TGP for PRE mode.
Slew VIS or TGP cursor over ground reference object and TMS Forward to designate.
Set SOI to Maverick and slew the Maverick seeker over the same reference object. When reference object is approximately 7.5 nm away, press TMS Forward to designate.
Depress BSGT option select button (label highlights momentarily).
Break Maverick lock by pressing TMS Aft.
Step to next missile pylon with Missile Step Button and repeat process.

YouTube Video

Boresight a dalsie funkcie pocvicime...

V multiplayeri so Sipim:
Hals - und Beinbruch!
HARM Position RUK Mode

We will soon be releasing the next mode for the Viper’s AGM-88C HARM anti-radiation missile. The Position (POS) mode allows you to launch a HARM at a designated steerpoint and have the HARM seeker look for and guide on a selected radar type. In the RUK (Range Unknown) sub-mode, the seeker will search a large are around the steerpoint when the exact location of the SAM in the steerpoint vicinity is uncertain. POS mode allows you to attack non-transmitting SAMs and engage them at longer ranges.

YouTube Video

Targeting Pod and Maverick Tips

Since the last update, we have continued to refine the function of the Targeting Pod (TGP) designations and its behavior with the AGM-65 Maverick air-to-surface missile. This video is provided to help you better understand how to best use these two systems when paired together in Preplanned (PRE) mode.

Part of this update will also include a refactoring of the Viper Sensor Point of Interest (SPI) logic. This results in more accurate Cursor Zero (CZ) action, TGP and Maverick slaving, and functional Snowplow mode of the TGP.

This video also explains the proper use of TGP inertial (INR) mode when the TGP designation point becomes masked.

YouTube Video


Dear all,

As has been mentioned earlier, we have two, dedicated engineers assigned full-time to the Viper, and other engineers participating when available. Once the Hornet leaves early access, additional resources will be brought to bear on the Viper.

Items currently being worked on for the Viper include:

• Updated flight model dynamics for G and angle of attack.
• Addition of IAM weapons that include JDAM, JSOW, and WCMD.
• Pre-Briefed (PB) mode for the AGM-88C HARM.
• Air-to-Air radar improvements.

After which, important development items will include:

• Air-to-Ground radar
• CRUS page
• JHMCS Air-to-Ground mode
• HARM Targeting System (HTS)
• Electronic Countermeasures
• And more.

In parallel, we are also addressing many bugs and needed and adjustments.

Kind regards,


New HARM Position Modes

In the next update for the Viper, we will introduce two new submodes for the Position mode for the AGM-88C HARM. These are the Equation of Motion (EOM) and Pre-Briefed (PB) submodes. Both new submodes allow greater engagement range and loft angle assists. Additionally, EOM allows potent off-axis HARM engagements.

YouTube Video

Jeden update k F16 ICP.

In this video we’ll discuss JDAMs for the Viper. Our F-16C will be able to employ the 2,000 lbs class GBU-31(V)1/B, the penetrator 3/B version, and the 500 lbs class GBU-38. For the GBU-38, two can be mounted on each BRU-57 smart bomb rack unit. They can be loaded on stations 3 and 7.

Some of the biggest advantages of JDAMs compared to laser-guided bombs is that they are fire-and-forget, and you can employ them when the target is masked by weather.

YouTube Video



In this video, we’ll look at the AGM-154A Joint Standoff Off Weapon, or JSOW, for the Viper. The JSOW is un unpowered glide bomb that weighs approximately a thousand pounds. It has a range to up to 70 miles range, based on launch altitude and airspeed. It is a fire-and-forget weapon that uses INS and GPS to reach its designated target.

It can be loaded on stations 3 and 7 as either singles or pairs using a BRU-57 smart rack.

The A model includes 145 BLU-97A combined effects bomb submunitions, which are ideal when attacking unarmored and lightly armored units. It is not though designed though to destroy heavily armored units like a main battle tank. While there are also B and C versions, the United States Air Force only operates the A version.

Key commands:
Set SPI - Target Management Switch (TMS) Up: Right Ctrl + Arrow Up
Set SOI Between Displays – Display Management Switch (DMS) Down: Right Alt + .
Set SOI to HUD – Display Management Switch (DMS) Up: Right Alt + ;
Weapon Release: Right Alt + Space

YouTube Video

JSOW Use Cases

In the previous AGM-154A JSOW video, we looked at the employment process. In this video, we’ll go a bit more into what type or target you would use it for.

The primary task would be against air defense sites, and to a lesser degree unarmored and light-armored targets. The AGM-154A is a great Destruction of Enemy Air Defenses (DEAD) weapon, whereas the AGM-88C HARM is a Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD) weapon.

Although it can be effective against lightly armored vehicles like APCs, IFVS, and self-propelled artillery, heavily armored targets, like main battle tanks, are best attacked with Mavericks and sensor fused munitions like the CBU-97 and CBU-105 (coming in August).

YouTube Video



In this DCS: F-16C Viper video, we’ll look at the CBU-105, Wind Corrected Munitions Dispenser, or WCMD. Like the JDAM and JSOW, the CBU-105 is an Inertially Aided Munition, or IAM, that uses the Sensor Point of Interest, or SPI, as the aim point.

The CBU-105 is a canister weapon that contains ten BLU-108 submunitions, and each BLU-108 contains four skeets that use a sensor to detect and fire an explosively formed penetrator at the top of the target.

This is an ideal weapon against armor targets in a 1,500 x 500 area.
This a very similar weapon to the CBU-97, that also uses 10 BLU-108 submunitions, but as an IAM, it has a better standoff capability, and you can attack multiple targets on a single pass.

YouTube Video

Dual Target Track


Dual Target Track (DTT) radar mode allows you to designate a primary and secondary target that the radar will continue to update when within the gimbal limits of the radar. However, they do not need to be in the selected scan volume.

In this example, we will set our azimuth to 30-degrees and designate two targets by slewing the cursor over each and then pressing TMS Forward on the control stick to designate them. We can toggle priority and secondary between them by pressing TMS Right on the control stick.

If we designate a third target, it will become the new secondary target, the previous will no longer be one of the two DTT targets.

DTT allows you faster updates of these two targets and engage both at the same time with AIM-120s.

If either target range is 10-miles or less, only the two DTT targets will update. Once either is at 3-miles or less, it will become a Single Target Track automatically.

Please note the radar symbols are still very much a work in progress.

Used Key Commands:
TMS Forward = Right Ctrl + Up Arrow
TMS Right = Right Ctrl + Right Arrow
Dogfight Switch MRM Mode = 4

YouTube Video

Coordinate Conversion

Coming Soon

In this DCS: F-16C Viper video, we’ll look at converting Lat/Long long coordinate to MGRS coordinates on the Steerpoint page. This is an item from our road map.

First, select the Steerpoint DED page from the ICP. It’s important to understand that you can only convert between Lat/Long and MGRS with Steerpoints 21 to 25. Once you select one of them on the ICP keypad or Steerpoint rocker switch, press the DCS, or Dobber, switch to the right to toggle the coordinate format. When going from Lat/Long to MGRS, there will be a small delay.

Having MGRS coordinates is useful as you may receive tasking coordinates in MGRS format at times.

You may be asking yourself how you will toggle between manual and automatic Steerpoint sequencing because it also uses Dobber right. Now, you need to Dobber to the Manual/Automatic field and then press the M-Select button on the ICP to toggle it. Note that you can only automatically sequence steerpoints 1 to 20.

YouTube Video

HMCS Radar Warning

Coming Soon.

In this DCS: F-16C Viper video, we’ll look at the addition of the radar warning receiver indication on the helmet mounted display of the helmet mounted cueing system. The indication can be enabled or disabled from the HMCS DED page.

The display is rather ghetto compared to the Hornet’s system and will only display the RWR gear priority threat. It appears in the top left of the HMD with the threat indication in the center. The notch in the circle indicates your head position relative to the nose of the aircraft. The diamond indicates the relative threat radar location from the nose of the aircraft.

YouTube Video

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