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DCS F-16C Viper
petsild napsal:

Jestli nedostanu TWSko do 14 dnů do Horneta, tak budu hodně nepříjemnej zákazník.

Z komentářů na YT:
Will this be available on the F18 before Christmas 2019?

We will do our very best thanks. For now, all we can really say is that we are planning for December.
F-16C Viper Update - 27 November 2019

In the next Open Beta update, we will be releasing a series of updates to the DCS: F-16C. Some of these were covered in previous videos like the Track While Scan (TWS) radar mode and data link. This video provides a basic functionality look at other features like the Counter Measures Dispenser System (CMDS) manual option programming, the external lighting panel, and more.

YouTube Video

Zapnutí SAM hrozeb na HSD a Datalinku na onlinu = 30 FPS dolů..Úsměv
YouTube Video

Wing Flex Demonstration

A new element being added to the DCS: F-16C Viper is wing flex and twisting. This provides a much more dynamic and interesting behavior to the wing as you takeoff, maneuver the aircraft and high-G, fly low and fast in turbulence, and even release heavy ordnance. This is the next large element that we are adding to the external model of the Viper. Following this, our next external model task for the Viper is to complete the texture template and create several more skins.

YouTube Video

Viper Demo In DCS World

* od Xstounds

YouTube Video


With the holidays behind us, the team is back at work on the Viper. Here is a list of the tasks the team is currently working on. Although the following are being worked on, we cannot promise that all will be ready for the next Open Beta:

• The radar directed gun sight is working great internally based on EEGS Level 5 sighting. It is very stable and practically a sniper weapon. Starting tomorrow, the team will be creating the dogfight HUD (Attitude Awareness in DGFT).
• The afterburner effect has been greatly improved. Quite a blow torch now!
• Fuel flows have been tuned to be more accurate based on available data.
• Turn performance further adjusted regarding over Mach 1 below 8,000 ft MSL.
• Wind is better accounted for in the flight model and displayed air speeds.
• Several updates to the INS and alignment system.
• Corrected PPLI display in network play.
• Updates to the AIM-120 that include launch delay and HUD cue centering in the TD box.
• Added ILS declutter function.
• Adjusted the command steering cue localizer to be less sensitive.
• Corrected AA TCN error.
• Added further functions to the Link 16 system.
• Added cursor switch depress to switch between AIM-9 BORE and SLAVE modes.

There are many more, and these will be listed in the change log for the next Open Beta. Once we have the new dogfight HUD working, I’ll be creating a new video that explains it, and displays the accuracy and ease of use of EEGS Level 5.

After the next update is completed, we’ll discuss the next set of new features and changes planned for the Viper.


Probably the most wanted new feature of the Viper is the radar-directed gunsight. After all, there is not much more fun than BFM in a Viper! Today, we completed the first pass of the system, and it's working quite well. However, it does need extensive testing before we can roll it into an Open Beta.

For the Viper version we are simulating, it uses the EEGS Level 5 sight (not the old LCOS) that combines the funnel with a radar-directed gun pipper for accuracy, even at max range. It also includes the Attitude Awareness Arc (AAA), the Ghost Horizon Line (GHL), Bullet At Target Range (BATR) cue, Multiple Reference Gunsights (MRGS), T-Symbol (Foresight Cue for Hornet pilots), the Aspect Angle On EEGS TD Arc, and more.

Here is a real-world video that is rather close to the version of the radar-directed gun HUD we are implementing.

YouTube Video

I hope to provide a video of this in operation this weekend.


INS NORM Alignment Update

In a recent DCS: F-16C Viper update, we updated how the alignment of the INS NORM (normal) system works to be more realistic. When performing a cold start, you must either enter or confirm the latitude and longitude coordinates of your aircraft on the INS DED page within two minutes after starting a NORM alignment.

This is required for not only for correct navigation data, but also correct display of information on the HUD.

This video is provided to better help understand this.


YouTube Video

Stored Heading INS Alignment

In a previous video we discussed the normal (NORM) Inertial Navigation System (INS) alignment in the Viper. I also mentioned a Stored alignment but misspoke regarding the need to update/confirm the LAT and LONG. This video is provided to help better understand starting the F-16C using a stored heading alignment.

YouTube Video


It's a small thing, but something many of you have asked for: we have added an option in the Options / Special Tab of the F-16C to select between the gold tint and transparent canopy. Based on talks with SMEs, around 2007 the USAF/ANG started using the transparent canopies and phasing out the gold tint. Both have the same RCS reduction properties. We hope you enjoy the option to have both!

Also on the Viper front the next update:

1- Continued work on the Dogfight switch functions
2- Addition of the DLZ to the radar page, Dogfight HUD, and HMCS
3- Fix incorrect IFF ID in network play
4- Adding new interactive training missions
5- Adjusted horizon line when on the Persian Gulf map
6- Adding flight to refuel commands

We also hope to provide

1- Many new skins that will first focus on actual USAF/ANG Blk 50 operators
2- Steering cue adjustments
3- Next phase in damage modeling
4- Better accounting for wind in the flight dynamics

Please note that these are not promises, they are simply to let you understand that these are the items that we are working on.


Hmm pokrok Úsměv v možnostech přibude volba změnit tónované sklo na čiré, ještě hodilo vypnout pevné odlesky kokpitu za dynamické.
To je dobré ( resp. smutné ), machrovat, že přidali věc, kterou jsem používal jako mod Šklebící se
A ta poslení věta to taky zabila.
Se divím, že o tom Wags nenatočil pětiminutové video Šklebící se
Upravil/a Mira dne 28-02-2020 18:23
AIM-9X Sidewinder Testing!

* Spudknocker testuje co vše lze s AIM-9X v DCS

Hey Guys! For this video I wanted to do something a little more on the fun and light hearted side of things and take a look at what the AIM-9X within DCS world as its modeled on the F/A-18C and F-16C can engage.

The real life AIM-9X has a built in, but seldom utilized air to ground capability and I wanted to see if it was able to be used within DCS World.

Another thing i wanted to test was whether or not one could engage both SAMs and air to air missiles with the AIM-9X and whether or not this is a viable tactic to use to defend yourself.

YouTube Video

ED chystá akci "Stay at Home", kdy nám budou pravděpodobně nabídnuty pěkné slevy. Steam odstartoval již dnes (viz. níže) s nabídou vyzkoušet F-16 zdarma na omezenou dobu spolu s 50% slevou, pro standalone instalaci dorazí oznámení během dne.

Od NineLine z Hoggitu:
Full announcement is tomorrow, it will be on standalone then as well, but Steam decided to fire early... we have much more coming as part of our 'Stay at Home' event.

Viper v 50% slevě na Steamu:
Upravil/a Aces_Wild dne 18-03-2020 14:34
Na odzkoušení Úsměv už je Viper dostupný zdarma i pro non-steam versi.
Aces_Wild napsal:
* Spudknocker testuje co vše lze s AIM-9X v DCS

Ona ta hlavice Aim-9X má schopnost detekovat pozemní cíle IRL. USAF to testovali úspěšně proti motorovým člunům.
Hádám že tuto výzbroj pak bude používat pobřežní stráž proti pašerákům drog. Představa že člověk dostane po po palici sidewinderem je teda děsivá Úsměv

Čili v DCS to je špatně nasimulováno.
Mám podezdření že pozemní cíle v DCS všeobecně vůbec nic nevyzařují. Používání IR mavericků bude jen nějaká uzavřená větev v kódu.

During a 23 September Gulf of Mexico test, a US Air Force F-15C fired the air-to-surface AIM-9X and hit a speeding "cigar boat",
a type commonly used by drug smugglers. "The missile went right through the boat," says White.

Pozemní cíle v DCS vyzařují. Nebo spíš vyzařovali, než vyšel nový engine. Dokonce ještě v dobách samostatného kamova se dokonce uměli bránit dýmovnicemi, když jsi je ozářil laserem, ale to je už jiná pohádka.
Samozvaný DCS GURU
Roury opravdu nemusím, ale když je to zadara… něco z tohoto stroje jsem už pochopil.
Jak se zatáčí při taxi na dráhu? Klávesu na odblokování předního kolečka jsem nenašel.
Levá a prvá brzda nepomáhá.
základna Loc: 49°43'52.703"N, 16°26'5.3"E
Tlačítko NWS
Samozvaný DCS GURU
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