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DCS World 2017
Polychop Simulations SA-342 Gazelle - 2019 / 2020 updates

* nový programátor se seznamuje s SDK, nicméně už se mu podařilo opravit několik chyb
* poslední dva dny tráví nad:
- RWR - přidána odpovídající symbolika pro moduly třetích stran
- Zvuky - během inspekce kódu zjistili, že API bylo v DCS enginu nahrazeno novou verzí, nekompatibilní s kódem ozvučení pro Gazelle; probíhá tedy předělávka zvuků
- Mistral - komunitní člen nabídl upravenou LUA konfiguraci, která poslouží jako základ pro další ladění
- Klávesy - zahájeny práce na opravách a přídání dalších
- PBR textury - zahájeny práce na celkovém přepracování

RWR symbolika:


Celá zpráva
Chuck aktualizoval průvodce pro AV-8B N/A.
Odkaz ke stažení: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AxKvVeNgc1ddXa_xH9W8tEdAblI_Mc5i/view

seznam změn:
• Updated Cockpit Description section
• Added Bullseye information
• Updated TACAN tutorial
• Expanded Navigation section with different Steerpoint types (Waypoint, Mark Point, Target Point)
• Added Radalt (BOMB), GPS and PUC (Pull-Up Cue) functions for bombing
• Re-formatted the Weapons Tutorial Section
• Updated CCIP bomb release tutorial
• Added GPWS explanations
• Updated Takeoff section
• Updated Landing section
• Added UFC ALT functions
• Added UFC WPN functions
• Added Chaff & Flare release program tutorial
• Added VREST page functions for takeoff tutorials

RAZBAM Simulations AV-8B N/A - JDAM Input Test Video

Just a quick video to show you how you will input the targets for the upcoming JDAM weapons. You will use the F10 Map to mark your targets and upload to your aircraft.

We will share more videos as the weapons become ready for release.

YouTube Video

DCS Open Beta 2019-10-03

Added new DCS: F-16C Viper support.

DCS World
• Carrier aircraft bouncing when landing at an airfield should now be fixed
• FLAK 38 no longer using Russian Ammo
• ME. Corrected some tabs that was not disappearing after unit removing.
• AI Helicopters. Fixed rolling-off runway in some cases.
• ME. Fixed error when you сlick on task WW2: Big Formation (or Escort) in some cases.
• AI Aircraft. Aerobatic task will work even on the end waypoint.
• ME. Incorrect waypoint switch in the Switch Waypoint task fixed.
• AI ships. Ship smoke will not be visible before ship activation.
• ME. Payloads. When editing someone else's mission, the request to save the payload will be only once (not infinite).
• Fixed process of randomization that causes the incorrect replay of tracks.
• MP. Triggers. MP client will not ignore the time set for messages by mission design.
• ME. GUI Error when click on airplane group after type change fixed.
• Aircraft explodes after landing when started from carrier after rearming fixed.
• AI helicopter. Corrected the contact model when player take control of AI helicopter landed on the sea-shelf platform. Helicopter will not sink into platform.
• WMR VR Corrected cross eye effect.
• GUI Error when use Template with disabled module fixed.
• AI Tanker has no lights on for refuelling in moonlight night - fixed.
• Helicopter AI taking off from hold position instead of runway on Kobuleti airfield - fixed.
• MP. There is a current issue that has been affecting the Hornet, and now the F-14 in multiplayer, users are reporting seeing these aircraft bouncing at times, like many hundreds of feet above and below the surface or carrier deck - fixed.
• Ground AI. Manpads will not try to shoot through buildings.
• AI Aircraft detecting optical locks - fixed again.
• ME. GUI Error when you try to open task Embarking - fixed.
• MP. Carrier. AI Using carrier Blast deflector not sync'd with clients - fixed.
• ME. Custom payload is not saved for next session - fixed.
• ME. GUI Error when click on task Embarking after use Static template - fixed.
• ME. Bullseye coordinates reversed - fixed.
• MP. Dedicated Server. Trigger END MISSION has no effect - fixed.

DCS: F/A-18C
• Harpoon Options now refresh properly when switching to new station after launching missile.
• Harpoon POP maneuver implemented now.
• Updated Russian manual.
• Fire control application now calculates wind for rockets.
• Changing laser code for GBU changes code for AGM-65E if carried - fixed.

• Fixed sequence of rockets firing.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
• DH light will not illuminate now, when triggered, if secondary DC bus is not powered or RAD ALT CB is pulled.
• Added radio altimeter switch functionality.
• Added canopy fracturing lever functionality and effects (depressurization, visual effect and sound).
• C-101CC main altimeter baro setting synchronization in multicrew: the rear cockpit main altimeter uses the forward cockpit altimeter pressure setting.
• C-101EB VHF radio (ARC-134) multicrew synchronization implemented.
• Added explosive depressurization to Mission Editor failures.
• Several fixes regarding canopies functionality both in multicrew and in single player.
• Corrected radio altimeter name in ES localization (Radioaltímetro <-> CC Radioaltímetro).
• Added depressurization due to damage of front or rear canopies.
• Improved fractured canopy model and texture of cockpit view.
• Cabin will depressurize now when ejecting.
• Fixed binding to keyboard and HOTAS of ARC-164 UHF radio knobs and switches.
• Added IFF Reply Test Lamp and IFF Test Light control inputs, which were missing.
• Fixed Standby Horizon Pitch Reference Adjust binding to keyboard and HOTAS.
• Added hypoxia (oxygen starvation) effect.
• Added ARC-164 (C-101EB UHF radio) multicrew synchronization.
• Cockpit labels are now readable when using low textures option (increased resolution).
• Fixed binding to keyboard and joystick of ARC-134 (C-101EB VHF radio) knobs and switches.
• Fixed binding to keyboard and joystick of C-101CC V/TVU-740 radio knobs and switches.
• Implemented binding to keyboard and joystick of console and instrument lights dimmers.
• Implemented binding to keyboard and joystick of cabin temperature control.
• Implemented binding to keyboard and joystick of intercom knobs and dials for C-101EB and C-101CC.

DCS F-14B by Heatblur Simulations
• Add bindable toggles for AFCS panel
• Add bindable toggles for Pilot Display Control Panel (PDCP)
• Add correct default axis assignments for Thrustmaster TPR pedals
• Ignore STAB switch in all radar PD modes (always earth stabilized in PD)
• Fix radar altimeter aural warning remaining on forever when fix is lost while it was on
• Reduced radar altimeter inaccuracy over water
• Radar altimeter accuracy now also depends on the depth of water; it is more accurate over shallow water
• Improved trimmer behavior
• A/G impact point solution over water jitters less now (this affected rockets the most)
• Fixed INS confusing spawn position if 2nd ship was too close to the carrier
• Fixed TTG on dest not working if dest was left of the nose
• Fixed being unable to detect small RCS aircraft
• Fix not correctly identifying aircraft carrier when on deck in a tight battlegroup
• Added CAP-9M/CATM-9 to allowable stores
• Updated mission fail trigger logic for Quickstart “Watching the Devildog - Laser Guided Bombs”
• Updated mission fail trigger logic for “Watching the Devildog” SP and Coop versions
• Further tweaking of pitch moment with flaps
• Further tweaking of pitch damping
• Improvements to flight model testing systems

• VTH Radar elevation bar is now visible only in BA2 and BAH modes
• Fix for MAG unlock, slaved and not
• Radar TWS heading arrow fixed
• RDI lock ranges changes for all close combat modes
• Mag lock triangle resized to match radar square
• VTB colors changed to match real one
• RDI contacts detection fix when exiting from close combat modes
• WSC AG memorize feature fix, now will save PCA/AG setting and will reset hud to NAV
• Fix for CNM Neutral (PCA) when pressed in close combat modes.
• RDI in TWS will now have a single bar tracking
• BA2 re enabled as next to BAH
• Radar unlock available only via WSC depress
• TDC position and radar range doesn't reset after unlock or close combat modes exit

M-2000C Red Flag Campaign by Baltic Dragon. Mission 7: fixed issue with AI flights not following player.
Worlds Apart 2026 Campaign by Low Level Heaven. All missions updated with bug fixes and improvements.
Mi-8 Oilfield: Fixed crash of Mi-26 at start of the 5th mission. Removed AI Yak-40 that collides with Mi-26 in 1th mission.
• Fixed process of randomization that causes the incorrect replay of tracks.

Že by konečně funkční záznamy?
HOTFIX opravující černou obrazovku po posledním updatu OB.
Pokud daný objekt vrhnete rychlostí vyšší, než 8km/s, tak poletí i hrábě.
Polychop Simulations

The eagle has landed in Great Britain. This weekend 2 of us are going to be at Cosford RAF museum. Heads up, something is about to be revealed very very soon with some explanations.

We kindly ask to not throw any speculations around anywhere, we will give all informations needed about the project during the show and make them available for the community aswell.
This includes questions about contracts aswell, which is why we urge not to specualte at this point and just enjoy the weekend.

Thanks a lot

Your Polychop Simulation team

Do verze DCS byla přidána volba "no_device_hotplug = true", která by údajně měla pomoci se stutteringem.

Disable hot plug devices

Hello all,

For those seeing stutter

We added a config option to the OpenBeta

no_device_hotplug = true

If applied, dcs.log should say "Device hotplug disabled!".
This will disable rescanning of input devices in case of hotplug events.

Please let us know if it helps.

RAZBAM Simulations AV-8B N/A

AV-8B NA JDAM HUD Symbology samples

These are the selected targets for JDAM strike


Targets 1, 3, 4, and 7 have been selected and set as targetpoints.


The targets are always being sorted on range. The closest ones are first.
The center point always point to the selected targets centroid.
A centroid is the center of a geometric figure. In this case the geometric figure formed by the selected JDAM targets.


The target list not only indicates which target is the nearest but also it indicate which ones are in range.
Those targets with a small font are out of range. The targets with large fonts are in range.

JDAMs use a concept called Launch Acceptability Region (LAR), which is the region where the bomb can hit the target. LAR is calculated using several parameters.

The outer circle represents the Maximum LAR.
The inner circle represents Range To Target (RTT) and only appears when the aircraft is inside Maximum LAR.
The small triangle is the Minimum LAR cue.

The JDAM bomb can be release any time when RTT is between Minimum and Maximum LAR.

SOP is to release the bomb when the RTT is at the middle of the distance between minimum and maximum LAR.


In this sample all JDAM targets are in range.

When the pickle is pressed, all the bombs will be released with a 1 second interval between them.

Tak VRko dostalo v poslední betě Úsměv možnost použít zoom.

Neviem či to tu už bolo (ak áno, ospravedlňujem sa), ale vyzerá to tak, že sa dožijeme aj Mi-24:

Helicopter Progress
Our 3D artists continue to work on the new cockpits for both the Ka-50 and the new Mi-24 Hind. As you can see below they are coming along nicely. We look forward to sharing more information on both these products as they progress.

zdroj: https://www.digit...9-20_P-47/
Hals - und Beinbruch!
Polychop Simulations OH-58D Kiowa

* odhalení OH-58D Kiowa
* mají licenci od Bell Textron, vyjednávání se celkem táhla
* čeká se na smlouvu s ED
* technologie použité při tvorbě Kiowy budou použity k aktualizaci Gazelle (edit: z komentářů na FB: zcela nový FM dostane Gazelle až po vydání Kiowy - " The FM update will come AFTER this module is out since it will be needed to code it from scratch.")
* jak na 3D tak na kódu zbývá ještě několik měsíců práce, tedy nemohou dodat ani přibližné datum vydání
* v následujících měsících budou informovat jak vývoj pokračuje, co je hotové a co ještě ne

Polychop is proud to reveal to you the module we’ve been working on for the past two years, the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior. Licensed by Bell Textron and with the input and feedback from many very dedicated subject matter experts from the Kiowa community, we think the OH-58D module will be on par with the other high-end helicopter modules currently available in DCS World.

Fitted with the iconic Mast Mounted Sight and a vast array of weaponry we think the Kiowa will stand its ground and have its place in the DCS World eco-system, capable of fulfilling many roles ranging from recon and AFAC to close air support and anti-tank warfare, day or night.

Learning from the past and including subject matter expert input and testing right from the start, countless hours have been spent at coding a new and true to life flight model to a point where we can honestly say we’re proud of the result. We don’t take that statement lightly as we know the flight model of our previous module did not live up to expectations. That said, the SA-342 Gazelle module will be updated in time with the new technology developed for the Kiowa. The same amount of time has been spent on meticulously coding the implementation of all the systems, devices and weaponry available to the Kiowa’s crew.

Parallel to the coding, a true to life and detailed visual representation has been modelled and fitted with high resolution PBR textures to ensure stunning visuals that make it a joy to play with. With a fully clickable cockpit and all the correct switchology in place it will surely make any Kiowa pilot feel right at home. That said, a lot of work is still to be done on both the art and code. This process will continue for the next few months. An expected release date can not be given at this time.

Being a licensed product, the OH-58D module has to adhere to the standards set by Bell Textron, which we believe will in turn benefit the community in terms of quality control. Both the high but expected standards set by Bell Textron and lengthy but needed contract negotiations and legal requirements with Eagle Dynamics led to the fact that the development of the Kiowa module up to this point has been sort of a public secret. With multiple parties involved and no signed contract we could not share as much information with the community as we would have liked. We have to point out that at this moment, no contract has been signed yet but the latest draft is one we think all parties can agree to. With a contract on the table that is acceptable for all parties involved, the time has come for us to share with you the status of development.

We’ll be doing this by posting periodical situation reports during the remainder of the development process. In every one of these sitreps we will go over a number of features already implemented and the things we are still working on.

Upravil/a Aces_Wild dne 07-10-2019 17:03
MB-339A update & fixes
Hello everybody!
MB-339 (v2.0.1) for DCS World available for downloading on www.freccetricolo...rtuali.net

The following bugs have been fixed
1. Beacon doesn't work
2. Fuel gauge PYL indication doesn't show the actual value
3. Rotation flood and console knobs are inverted
4. The parking brake deactivates while pushing toe brakes
5. Navigation lights on elliptical tip tanks are not visible
6. Gunsight reticle illumination too low
7. TrackIR doesn't work
8. Unused commands are still present in controls list
9. Canopy lock texture (red mark) missed
10. The aircraft doesn't lost energy during high-G turns (G > 6.0)
11. Engine compressor texture is not mapped
12. Sync issue related to tip tanks position in multiplayer
13. Landing light animation in multiplayer doesn't work
14. Flight controls operation while using keyboard input is too slow
15. Kneeboard doesn't close (the pages doesn't change yet, it will be fixed)
16. MB-339 sounds to replace the sounds of other DCS Modules

The following features have been added:
1. Added zoom axis
2. Added force feedback feature
3. Engine shutdown deceleration improved
4. Idle RPM is now affected by Mach Number and Altitude
5. Improvements in external and internal texture/3D model
6. Added training missions with the voice of a real pilot of Frecce Tricolori
7. Added new instant actions
8. Added new mission
9. Added instruments and console lights
10. Added shutdown engine due to negative G flight (longer than 25 seconds)
11. Added new commands into controls list
12. Improved suspension behaviour

FTV Dev Team

BIGNEWY informuje, že půjde-li vše dle plánu, další aktualizace dorazí v pátek.

Hi all,

The team is planning for a Friday update, if all goes well.

Thank you.



Edit: Deka Ironwork Simulations oznamují poslední kolo oprav chyb a ladění fičur než bude JF-17 Thunder předán ED na testování.

Sorry for the delay. We're focusing on a final round of bug fixing and feature polishing for pre-QA code freeze so there may not be a video util this weekend.

Upravil/a Aces_Wild dne 08-10-2019 13:59
Je možné, že se letadlo dostane do vývrtky ještě před tím, než se vůbec odlepí od země? Protože dost možná mi tohle dělá v DCS I-16. Když při vzletu nepovysunu klapky (ona je tam vlastně jen jedna klapka), tak to lítá zleva doprava jak hadr na holi a mohu si zlomit nohy u pokusu to zkorigovat. Myslel jsem, že je to nevhodně nastaveným motorem a vrtulí. Zkoušel jsem pomalu přidávat plyn, start na plný plyn, start s trochou plynu, start s nižšími otáčkami. Asi nic jiného krom povysunutí klapek nepomohlo. Tak mě zajímá, jak moc je taková situace reálně možná.

Ještě mě napadlo, že by si s tím Octopus dal takovou práci, že by nasimuloval asymetrickou zátěž podvozku způsobenou momentem vrtule. Tedy letadlo se natáčí na opačnou stranu, než rotuje vrtule. To způsobuje na jedno kolo vyšší zátěž, jak na druhé a tedy zatáčení letadla na zatížené kolo. Po zkorigování směrovkou dojde k jeho odlehčení, což má za následek, že letadlo vystřelí na opačnou stranu. Musím to zkusit. Pokud to zkoriguji křidélkami, tak to třeba dělat nebude.
Upravil/a AJaromir dne 08-10-2019 21:27
Pokud daný objekt vrhnete rychlostí vyšší, než 8km/s, tak poletí i hrábě.
Nemas tam zapnute automaticke kormidlo? Mne toto robilo kazde WW2 lietadlo kym som to nevypol.
Nemám. Auto Rudder mám vyplý, Take-off Assistance na nule. U ostatních strojů tento problém odpadá, protože mají zamykatelné ostruhové kolo. U spita to pěkně drží i přesto, že nemá zamykatelné ostruhové kolo.
Pokud daný objekt vrhnete rychlostí vyšší, než 8km/s, tak poletí i hrábě.
Polychop Simulations OH-58D Kiowa

* HeliSimmer dostal Kiowu na "hraní", celý článek:
Polychop announced the Kiowa for DCS. But what about the Gazelle?

This is a video of the work-in-progress Polychop OH-58D Kiowa for DCS.

YouTube Video


Deka Ironwork Simulations JF-17 Thunder

Hope this is the style you like.


Mirage dostane digitální radio . Za povšimnutí stojí o nový vzhled tlačítek na PCA panelu.

“You want me to ride in the back of a two seat fighter with a teenage killer in the front seat? I'm gonna fly with you, and we're gonna shoot a SAM site before it shoots us? You Gotta Be Shittin' Me!!” Captain Jack Donovan EWO
Aces_Wild napsal:

* HeliSimmer dostal Kiowu na "hraní", celý článek:

Jako jasný, preprealfa, ale grafický zpracování a animace rotoru je strašnej šit... myslel jsem, že koukám na video z Flešpojntu...

Přejít na fórum:


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