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DCS M-2000C
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Zdroj: https://www.digit...s/3312183/

Work in progress, ground display in the VTB

FB video
ILS Landing

This shows the new ILS HUD symbology, with the virtual runway based solely on ILS and CP-PD set in the INS, without any need for mission editor landing waypoint, the ILS square being a pure director. The autopilot approach mode has been updated accordingly.

YouTube Video

Route Desirée

This video is about the newly implemented "Desired Route / Route Desirée (RD)" feature, a HUD director for reaching a waypoint with a predefined route.

YouTube Video

Upravil/a Aces_Wild dne 22-03-2021 19:13

M 2000C CCIP update (and some other changes for the trained eyes) expect full description in coming DCS changelog

YouTube Video

Chuck Owl aktualizoval průvodce M2000C:

Hi folks,

Good morning r/hoggit! I try not to post about single guide updates, but I recently noticed that there were lots of questions about players having issues with the INS system since RAZBAM provided the v2.7 update. So I did a pass through the whole document to update it as well. RAZBAM provided valuable help throughout the revision process. Here is a list of the noticeable items:

Changelog: (1/05/2021)

• Removed Flood Radar mode
• Added RD (Route Désirée / Desired Route)
• Re-wrote ILS landing procedure with Synthetic Runway
• Updated INS (UNI) Alignment procedure
• Added NAV Master Mode clarifications
• Added Total Fuel Quantity (Détotalisateur) logic to refueling procedures
• Fixed multiple typos and errors
• Corrected Waypoint (But) coordinate entry format

Přímý odkaz ke stažení (mudspike.com, .pdf)
Our new radar technology, being used in our DCS: M2000C product, all rendering overhead is offloaded to unused cores.It eats about 15% of the CPU but on unused cores! this is the VISU mode (symbology is WiP)

Facebook video #1
Facebook video #2
Update presentation 17/11/2021

Hello Mirage pilots, we are very pleased to present you the upcoming radar update for our M-2000C module. The team has been hard at work for the last 6 months on creating a new radar framework for Razbam modules that will be used first to simulate the RDI radar.

This update should release in the next Open Beta update.

In this update presentation, we will first introduce the RDI radar with its improvements and additions. We will then talk about the air-to-air changes that will be introduced in this update, the other improvements and we will finish with the updated manual.

Více viz. odkaz.
**DCS Mirage Update Preview** Death From Below

This video is from Spud's most recent mission, "Declared Hostile". I was flying a Mirage for the redfor, and you can hear some of our banter as we try to balance giving the players a challenging yet fun experience. I was recently given the opportunity to test out the latest build of RAZBAM's Mirage 2000C, which includes a number of amazing updates to the radar, HUD, and several other systems. I will be making a number of videos going in-depth with the new features, but I wanted to give you all a quick preview of what you have to look forward to. ~Kortana

►Kortana's Self-Critique Section: So this was my first time using TAF in this manner, and I really think I underestimated what the system can do. I should have waited another 10-15 seconds to turn on my radar and initiate my attack, as this would have allowed me fully exploit the gap in my opponent's RWR coverage and further shorten the flight time of the missile. Obviously it worked out, but it would have been preferable not to have alerted my opponent.

YouTube Video


TAF (Datalink)

TAF is an exciting new mode coming to the mirage which will allow for some interesting intercept dynamics. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop them in the comments :) ~Kortana

YouTube Video


Edit: další návod, od RedKite:

TAF GCI Datalink Tutorial

A complete guide to the upcoming Téléaffichage or TAF, Remote Target Designation Datalink for the Mirage 200 including Editor setup and otpions!

Coming in the next DCS Open Beta Update

00:00 Introduction
00:30 Setup
1:44 Symbology
02:39 Interception guidance
03:50 Hud Symbology
04:43 Usage
05:18 Editor Setup and system logic

YouTube Video

Upravil/a Aces_Wild dne 14-11-2021 23:42
Preview of Super 530D Update and More!

* další várka vylepšení pro Mirage:

It is no secret that the mirage has long been my favorite jet in DCS, but the work that Razbam have put into her in the last few updates have really brought the aircraft to life in a whole new way. This jet just feels right!
~ Kortana

YouTube Video

Chuck Owl aktualizoval průvodce M2000C:

Hi folks!

RAZBAM recently updated the Mirage systems, so I had to re-write a couple of sections, bringing the page count from 270+ to 330+ pages. This update will probably the last big one I do for this module. I've kept updating the document since December 2015, which feels like a lifetime ago. RAZBAM's resilience after multiple updates and reworks has allowed their Mirage to become one of the Great DCS modules, and I thank them for not giving up after all this time.

Changelog: (22/12/2021)

• Re-wrote entire radar section
• Updated air-to-air gun symbology
• Updated Super S530D tutorial
• Updated Magic II tutorials
• Added BAP-100 anti-runway bombs
• Added INS Stored Heading Alignment (ALCM) procedure
• Added Tactical Waypoints (Buts Tactiques)
• Added TAF (Télé-Affichage)
• Updated HOTAS terminology
• Updated radio procedures
• Updated VTH and VTB symbology with DCS 2.7.8 standard
• Corrected typos

Přímý odkaz ke stažení (mudspike.com, .pdf)
část 1
YouTube Video

část 2 - dokončení
YouTube Video

Upravil/a magot dne 04-01-2022 14:08
* Paura uvolnil další dva díly (lepší načasování si nemohl vybrat Úsměv) a opět výborné (díky!):

BFM, režimy na blízko VTH, rušič, MAGIC, kanon

Střih a je tu pokračování z #3 A/A radaru
Ukázka rušících letadel na radaru, radarové režimy pro zaměření na blízko 10nm, střely MAGIC a jak funguje kanon. + Klávesy

YouTube Video

A/A radar, cíle do paměti, zbraně 530...

Popis ovládání A/A radaru, klávesy, symbolika, střely Super 530D, BVR. Obrazovka VTB a její postranní tlačítka Vám umožní uložit cíl na obrazovku a sledovat jej. Na základě toho můžete volit taktiku apod. Po konci videa si přepněte na další #4 tutoriál.
Video platí pro DCS 2.7.9

Uložení cíle do paměti:
-Lze vytvořit bez uzamčení cíle, tedy vzít čisté údaje a nastavit je dle dle AWACS
-např postup: tlačítko DEB - zadat hodnoty polohy Rho Theta a výška,.. potvrdit tlačítkem FIN

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

06/2022 Engine Update Presentation (forum.dcs.world)

Hello Mirage pilots, we are happy to present you the upcoming engine update for our M-2000C module. The team has been working on a new engine model that is more accurate to its real life counterpart and allows for better damage and failure simulation.

This update should release on the Open Beta later this month.

In this update presentation we will first introduce the reworked M53-P2 engine model and explain how it was created. We will then talk about the change it will bring to the module flight envelope and finish by presenting the other changes this update will bring.

Více v odkazu výše.
Přejít na fórum:


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